N1CE NFT Lottery

Hello N1CE Community,

We are back with another article which contains exciting prizes!

Staking and Liquidity are two important things for Crypto projects in DeFi space.

As mentioned in the previous post, we have achieved a milestone of being the project with the highest number of stakers on Tosdis platform.

Talking about liquidity, those who are farming their tokens by providing liquidity are contributing to the project in the best possible way they can. That is why we are super excited to announce the NFT Lottery for our farmers and stakers as a way of saying thank you.

Now, you might be thinking: What will be the use case of this NFT? Is this just going to be a piece of art? To make things clear, the NFT which is up for grabs by farmers and stakers will have a unique use case in the N1CE ecosystem: the NFTs won by users will be redeemable for a free course on N1CE Academy in the future. N1CE Academy courses will be professional courses, offered by our experts, to those who are willing to learn blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The courses will have competitive rates, as N1CE Team won’t be charging extra fees.

There will be a total of 8 unique NFTs which will be given out to our members. You must be either farming or staking on Tosdis platform in order to be eligible to enter in this contest.

These 8 super rare NFTs are divided according to the following distribution:

* 5 NFTs for random farmers

* 3 NFTs for random stakers

How to join this contest

1. Register via this telegram bot

2. Provide your email and wallet address

3. The bot will check if that address is staking/farming on tosdis. If the address isn’t farming or staking, you won’t be eligible to join.

There is a minimum amount of 300 N1CE that members must be staking in order to be eligible in this contest, farming, instead, has no minimum amount to be eligible.

The contest will run until July 17 2021 at 10:30 and then 8 random stakers and farmers will be selected by the team and will be rewarded with this exclusive NFT.

For all newcomers to the project, here is a short introduction about the concepts expressed in thi post.

What is N1CE Academy?

N1CE Academy is a part of the N1CE ecosystem. It is decentralized and community-driven just like the N1CE Crypto project. People who are experts in their field can work and teach at N1CE Academy. It is a teaching and learning platform completely decentralized, built on blockchain.

Main Advantages of Staking

The main benefit of staking is generating passive income. Instead of only holding N1CE in your wallet, you can stake your tokens and make passive incomes every minute. This way you are also contributing to the project by locking up your coins in the staking and confirming the transactions. Staking has many benefits over mining, In mining we are required to have machines which solve complicated blocks and confirm the transactions. While in Proof of Stake, you are required to lock your tokens in order to confirm the transactions and earn block rewards.

Staking at N1CE has no lockup period, the tokens can be redeemed at any time, and the earned rewards can be harvested at any time you want.

Main Advantages of Farming

The main benefit of Yield farming is the high return on the investment. Farming allows people to invest their funds in a pool that will earn them generous profits as the project develops. To join farming you will have to provide liquidity, earning interests on trades.

As all things aren’t easy, it is the same for farming. With high return on your investment, also comes the impermanent loss, so make sure you are well educated about this concept before stepping into farming.

Thank you so much for tuning in, we wish everyone luck in this contest!