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N1CE Academy

One of N1CE’s core goals is to bridge the gaps in the current state of the blockchain industry, by connecting talent with demand across the globe. With sparse knowledge and a fragmented pool of specialists, there is certainly room for improvement that will benefit the entire cryptocurrency space. And this is where N1CE’s crypto experts come into play. 

Who are crypto experts?


Any community member can become an expert. To do so, they have to submit an application (similar to a job application) selecting
their field of expertise.

They are then asked to upload at least three pieces of work to prove their knowledge. Their work can be anything: a video, an article, a code snippet, some graphics etc.

Other community members can vote “Approve / Deny” on the application for 7 days. Applications with 80% or more “approve” votes get approved, and the brand-new expert receives 200$ worth of $N1CE tokens, in exchange for a 20% discount rate to all $N1CE stakers for the first 3 months.

What can be improved on this process?


We are only validating the knowledge of the person who applies for becoming an expert. However, this is like doing an interrogation without teaching first. As we see blockchain industry grow rapidly, crypto need more and more professionals. However, there are currently very few proper course structures for this purpose. N1CE Academy comes to life to solve this issue.

How will this work?


What we would like to provide is a valuable education service in the crypto market, educating learners with top-quality courses, and training the best experts in the market to fulfil the requirements of the blockchain industry.

This program will certainly benefit from the N1CE platform itself, because the marketplace can already offer a variety of trained people who can share their knowledge with people wanting to learn. This of course mean that this program will go live after the launch of the N1CE platform.

What are the top features of N1CE Academy?

  • N1CE academy is a part of N1CE platform, and this means it is completely decentralized and community-driven. This ensures a validation of the expertise of blockchain professional and freelancer of crypto industry who work and teach there. N1CE can become a marketplace of experts that anyone can hire, with a validated knowledge coming from N1CE Academy, with everything done in a completely decentralized way.
  • In a centralized academy or university, a teacher validates your knowledge. For example, you present your work in front of the teacher and they give you a grade, pass or fail. Blockchain is inherently decentralized, thus we want to create a decentralized mechanism for knowledge validation as well. In this case, you present your work in front of the community and they are the ones who validate your knowledge and your expertise.
  • Being a part of N1CE platform ensures a higher opportunity to find a job after completing the course, while others education platforms cannot really guarantee on this.
  • In N1CE academy, you will be able to find the best blockchain faculties across the world, with proper one to one interaction, top-level study material and everything at a very low cost.