What is N1CE?

The N1CE platform, short for “Number One Crypto Expert” aims to create a community of crypto talents. Fostering a meeting ground for experts in various fields N1CE will become a driving force for future development of crypto projects regardless of stage, size, and use case. By doing so it will allow experts to share their expertise with others in need of it, in addition to providing a steady foundation for learning and professional growth. The N1CE community has its doors open to anyone willing to join as a community member or a specialist upon passing the vetting procedure.

As a N1CE expert, you will receive votes and rewards from the community for completing various jobs and spreading your knowledge across the space effectively creating a circle of virtue that will benefit it altogether.


In our ever more connected world, there are plenty of ways to keep your finger on the pulse of crypto. For example, you can catch up with the latest news via your favourite specialized online publication, by watching informative YouTube videos from your preferred influencer, or simply by browsing relevant hashtags on Twitter.

On the other hand, should you be on the lookout for top talent for your newly launched project, you can browse LinkedIn, publish job postings on various platforms, and so on. And while this sounds easy at first, in many ways it is not, mainly due to the fragmentation of the space, making discoverability a key issue. But what if there was another way?

Considering the steady rise in both adoption and new interest flowing into the cryptocurrency market, the exponential growth of DeFi frameworks, Bitcoin and NFTs going mainstream, it is clear that blockchain is here to stay. And bearing this in mind the need for talent discovery becomes ever more critical for the future development of the cryptoverse. 

The N1CE platform

This is where the N1CE platform comes into play. By creating a breeding ground for innovation and sharing of expertise N1CE aims to fill the gaps in discoverability, bridging talent on one
hand and demand for it on the other. And in its center lies their passion for crypto – the thing that brings it all together.

Upon release, the platform’s talent pool will be divided into several subcategories, reflecting the various expertise its specialists can bring to the table. Among these subcategories are:

    • Software Development
      • Web Development
      • Mobile Development
      • Blockchain Development
      • Smart Contract Development
    • Market Analysis
      • Trading
      • On-chain Analysis
      • Statistics
    • Marketing
      • Marketing Campaign
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Influencer Marketing
      • SEO
    • Mining
      • Mining Setup
      • Mining Farms
    • Data Science
      • Data Analysis
      • Data Engineering
      • Machine Learning
    • Design
      • Graphics Design
      • NFT Artists
      • UI/UX Design
      • Video Ads

and so on.

People who are capable to provide knowledge in the form of products or services in one or more of those categories can become experts.

N1CE Tokens (N1CE)

The N1CE token is the currency that will fuel the platform’s ecosystem. It is used to pay for products and services delivered by the experts, as well as serving in the platform’s governance. Simply put specialists on the N1CE platform will earn N1CE tokens in return for their labour.

The initial circulating supply of the token is set at 20 million N1CE and is distributed by doing airdrops, contests, and other relevant bounties, in order to drive initial interest to the project. After that N1CE will be earned primarily via the expert’s efforts to reach a total supply of 100 million N1CE.

The N1CE token is launched, as a BEP-20 token, on the Binance Smart Chain. To make the most out of the platform you will be able to connect your wallet directly via Metamask or Wallet Connect.

To find more information about tokenomics, please refer to its section further down this page

Experts on N1CE

Upon successfully passing the vetting procedure, experts will have the option to display their profile to offer relevant products and services on the platform. They will also be allowed to present the corresponding rate for the work they will be doing, expressed in USD and paid in N1CE tokens of equal value.

After the offer is posted, community members can hire the expert they desire and negotiate the terms of their cooperation, including, but not limited to the details of the work needed to be done, the rate, and what constitutes a job as done.

To foster expert credibility, the platform will include a rating that is calculated via a feedback mechanism. Platform specialists with high credibility will be rewarded with a Certified Expert badge for better visibility and recognition.


To help promote their listing, experts will be given the option to create and share publicly visible content (e.g. articles, videos, tutorials, podcast, and others), which will be available for free. These can earn the creator tips and valuable feedback to improve their standing on the N1CE platform. 

Becoming an Expert

With an open-door policy, any community member can become an expert on the platform, upon passing the vetting procedure. The procedure itself will not be anything unfamiliar. It will begin with an application similar to that when applying for a job and selecting the appropriate field of expertise.

To move forward, applicants are requested to upload at least 3 examples of their work in order to validate their experience. The format can vary depending on the field the applicant is working in, for example, GitHub links for developers, visual portfolio for designers, and text content pieces for marketers.

When an application is submitted and passes the initial vetting, community members can cast their vote to approve or deny the application within a 7-day window of it becoming available to the public. Should an applicant receive enough positive votes their application is approved and they are ready to work on the platform.

Community members on N1CE

Users that join the N1CE platform become community members. Each such member can explore any public content posted by the experts and engage with it by liking, sharing, voting, and comment on any post, or profile. Naturally, should they wish to employ the services of a particular expert they can pay for their services.

When a voting takes place, community members can participate, by locking tokens for the 1-week window. Once the process is complete, those who voted for the outcome that becomes reality will receive a refund for their participation.

Simply put, if a community member votes to approve and the application is approved, they will receive a portion of their tokens as a bonus. The same applies for the opposite if a member votes to deny and the application is denied, a chargeback is received.

Expert Application Voting Process

You can find a visual representation of the voting process in the graph below:

Transacting with N1CE

To charge your wallet with N1CE tokens you can purchase the amount you desire on the exchanges and dEx’ the token is available to trade on. The same applies to all other transactions such as withdrawals and swapping N1CE tokens for another. You can find the full list of supported exchanges here. Additionally, you can earn N1CE tokens by participating in the ecosystem. For example, by tipping expert content that is publicly available, you can earn tokens daily for your contribution.


Token name:N1CE

‌Initial token type: BEP-20

Contract Address (BEP-20): 0xc14df1e2fff3708816495e7364ff274aceecad91

‌Total supply: 100.000.000 coins (95.000.000 after burn)

‌Initial circulating supply: 20.000.000 coins (20%)

The initial circulating supply will be divided into:

Community Rewards:12.000.000 coins (12%) – Will be unlocked from the start and released as bounties performed to jumpstart community, engagement & marketing awareness programs.

Initial Operations Pool: 8.000.000 coins (8%) -These coins will be sold in small proportions to inject resources to operations, bringing in new team members, pay the costs of audits, legal, development & marketing, as well as provide liquidity if there is necessity.

The rest of the total:

Team & Founder Reserve: 20.000.000 coins (20%)– Locked initially, released at 2% every 6 months for 5 years

First Year Marketing & Development Fund10.000.000 coins (10%)– For injecting resources into marketing awareness campaigns, as well as development, operations and growth of N1CE brand, products and ecosystem.

Liquidity Mining Pool: 9.000.000 coins (9%)– This is the reserve that will be destined for rewarding those who provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

Daily Rewards Pool: 16.000.000 coins (16%)– This is the reserve that will be destined for daily task bounty.

Funding Pool Reserve25.000.000 coins (25%) | 20.000.000 after burn– For injecting resources into marketing awareness campaigns, as well as development, operations and growth of N1CE brand, products and ecosystem.

N1CE DAO & Specs

With the development of blockchain solutions growing at a steady pace, the need for governance becomes ever more apparent. That is why together with the increasing number of implementations in the financial sector, the introductions of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to better steer such initiatives increase just as well.


While traditional markets take a centralized approach to this with a board of directors for example, in blockchain the modus operandi sits on the opposite end. When decentralization is paramount, as is the case with crypto projects this role is taken by the DAOs, creating another avenue for disruption. Instead of top-down hierarchies, DAO governance is community-driven, while its decisions are made using a permissionless smart contract via voting procedures, 

That is why at N1CE, we want to
integrate the DAO into the ecosystem at the centre of decisions related to:

    • Platform features
    • Community involvement mechanisms
    • Yearly roadmap after the core of the platform is complete
    • Resource management and distribution parameters through rewards

This will place our community and token holders at the forefront of decision-making for the organization. Doing so will maintain high community involvement in the project, ensuring long-term success for the N1CE ecosystem. 

Here are some of the cornerstones
behind the DAO:

    • The DAO mechanisms will be integrated in the platform, so no technical knowledge will be required.
    • In order to eliminate gas fees, we will have a solution through a product called Snapshot (or any equivalent), which takes a snapshot of the token being held in the wallet at the time of the vote casting, with a signature confirmation, without any gas costs. Our multi-signature contract will confirm these snapshots to the blockchain, so the gas costs are 0 from the user end, and our community doesn’t pay any costs for engaging in the governance, but with all the data visible to everyone on the blockchain.